responsible brands

You might already know I'm a bit of a fitness and food enthusiast, but you probably don't know that I've also had a keen interest in healthier household and beauty products for years.

I became familiar with the green world when I interned @sierraclub's magazine back in 2011. My job was to was to fact-check articles and write blog posts about things like:

🍣 an app that lets you know if there’s mercury in your sushi,

🐶 a truck-sized sculpture of Charlie Brown's sweater knitted from discarded sequin material,

🥫 and BPA being a possible link to breast development in a 3-year-old who ate 4 cans of Campbell's a week.

A lot has changed since those days. There are now hundreds of apps in health and wellness, and BPA-free cans and plastics are the norm rather than the exception. Back when I was looking, there was only one natural brand of drugstore makeup, and it kinda sucked. Today's big box stores have entire sections dedicated to green beauty.

This is where we find ourselves with some new problems. There are so many allegedly "green" products, where do we start to find them? And are they really better, or are they simply green-washed?

To be honest, most of my recent natural product discoveries have been through green sections at stores like Target (Good Chemistry perfume from there is pictured here), ads, and friend recommendations.

How do you discover natural/sustainable/generally better-for-the-world products? Do you discover them at a store like Target, through specific Google searches, on Amazon, Instagram, ads, speciality online marketplaces, or something else? Do you make your own products? Something in the middle?