how to help businesses during COVID-19

Updated: Apr 2

Ways anyone can help a business for free:

  • Send a quick message to a business owner. A simple "how are you doing?" is more than what the majority of people will do-- it means something!

  • Ask them how you can help

  • If you have used their services, leave them a review on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Yelp, and anywhere else they show up

  • Share posts they've made that you really like or you think your audience would be into

  • Leave a thoughtful comment on their post; this is more than just one word or an emoji

  • Refer businesses by telling your friends about businesses you love

  • Nominate them for a shoutout in my weekly newsletter

  • Share resources you've seen that might help

  • Help your family and friends complete applications for relief funds

  • Be positive and encouraging

Ways businesses can collaborate to help each other:

  • Start a virtual event together

  • Do an interview together that brings value to your audiences podcast, FB/IG Live, Zoom, etc.

  • Become accountability buddies so you keep moving forward on your projects and goals

  • Create a strategic partnership that includes sharing each others' marketing collateral (online this can be sharing posts on social media and shoutouts in email newsletters)

  • Create a charitable event together

  • Guest blog for each other

  • Make strategic introductions for each other

  • Share direct links to each others' products and services

  • Ask each other for help -- it's much easier to be helpful when requests are specific!

  • Teach each other skills that have helped your business grow

  • Make business-related book and training recommendations to each other

  • Connect and make recommendations on Alignable

  • Share information about grants and loans

  • Trade services

  • Consider comping a few tickets to your own events/programs/activities

Ways anyone can help that involve money:

  • Buy their product online if possible (or take-out for meals!)

  • Buy a gift card to be used later or pay your retainer early

  • Donate to a relief fund or grant

  • Become an angel investor

  • Cover the cost of a training / online class / book

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