I know many business owners are feeling conflicted about what content to post on social media right now, or if they should even say anything.

If not knowing what to say is your biggest problem right now, consider yourself lucky (or privileged).

Fighting for a better world is a marathon, not a sprint; we must think long-term about what we are saying and doing, not just what is happening this week. That has gone on for long enough.

If you're committed to being an ally, here are a few suggestions when it comes to your content now and in the future:

  1. Slow down and speak from the heart. Don't post out of obligation or because it appears trendy. "Everyone is doing it so I need to." No. If you're going to speak up for human rights, you MUST have genuine intentions.

  2. Have real empathy. Do NOT commercialize or otherwise be opportunistic about what is already a tragedy. Don't add your branding to posts about racial justice. The loss of life is not something to insert into your marketing strategy.

  3. Before posting, ask yourself who is really benefitting from this post? Am I influencing change or just making myself feel better? We must not be merely performative.

  4. Don't post because you think it's good for business. Your stand on equality is not a photo op. Again, THAT'S NOT THE POINT.

  5. If you are unsure about creating new content, remember that there are Black activists with powerful messages that you can amplify by sharing.

  6. Be brave, and be transparent. Your voice IS important. Acknowledge that you are not perfect and we will make mistakes. The people in your social circles are different from anyone else's, and they may listen to the way YOU say things with a more open mind than anybody else. That is powerful!

  7. Please diversify who you are listening to and where you are getting your information. These directly influence the content we create, and we must get out of our echo chambers.

If you choose to stay silent on social media, please consider that silence may also be perceived as supporting the status quo.

Businesses are going to play an important role in the coming months and years as a force for widespread change. Social media is one small part; it is going to take much more work both online and offline to achieve the change we seek. But, it's a start.

Reasons to dedicate some serious quarantine time to making content:

1) It tells people your business is still alive. Unfortunately, I know businesses that have been radio silent, and my first instinct is to assume they're closed (which might be totally wrong!). Be transparent, and tell your customers and collaborators what's up.

2) It helps create a long-lasting brand. Your products and services can change with the times or your own whims; what won't change is the kind of experience you're dedicated to delivering. Work towards creating a holistic experience that transcends the bounds of your product.

3) It’ll keep you top of mind as the expert in your field.

4) It humanizes you (especially video). What, you're not some headless robot floating around in the Cloud?!

5) You'll rank higher on Internet searches. Make enough consistently good content and the Internet gods will notice.

6) It actually helps people. Put your ego aside and begin teaching your craft; we all know that mere recipes aren't what make master chefs. Instead, think of sharing your "recipes" as a way to not only help/empower/entertain people who are stuck at home, but also as a way to let people into your world. And who will they think of first when things reopen and they need that cake for a party?

I thought my childhood obsession with spherical objects was just a weird quirk (my favorite Pokémon was Jiggly Puff) until I learned that things like round objects and bright colors universally make people feel joyful.

Check out the fascinating TED talk by Ingrid Fetell Lee @aestheticsofjoy for more on creating a joyful physical environment 🍭

PS. Polka dots are cool, but please don't trigger my trypophobia with holes...😬