avni levy.

I'm Avni, a storyteller, cinematographer, video editor, and photographer.

Ever since I was a child, reading voraciously and consuming outsiders' stories was my way of understanding the world as the sheltered kid of immigrant parents in Silicon Valley.


I began making up stories at a young age too; when I was 10, I scripted and directed a who-dunnit play in lieu of a regular birthday party (it was terrible, but we all had great fun!), and I crowned myself queen of the playground for years, commissioning a few loyal friends as fellow stewards of the kingdom.


Little did I know that my rebellious spirit and affinity for storytelling would later get me out of a pre-determined career in medicine and forging my own path back in the Bay Area.

After a winding path in both journalism and commercial media, degrees from UCLA and UC Berkeley, and teaching new media in Paris, today, I combine my skills and experiences to help social impact entrepreneurs develop and craft their stories for video advertising.


Turns out it's even more fun than ruling the playground. 

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